We are a specialty coffee house, with a hand-crafted "London Pub" meets "Urban Brick" feel--where you can get a Macchiato or Chamomile tea while you catch up with a friend.

We asked ourselves: "Where, besides home and work/school, do we spend our time?" The answer was a "Third Space." Pour Jons is the in-between element for social interaction. Maybe you'd like to surf the web on our WiFi and listen to music while sipping your espresso, catch up with a friend over a foamy cappuccino, or unwind after work with a cozy cup of tea.

Our goal is to educate and facilitate. We love good coffee and are committed to bring out the "coffee purist" in every one. We have trained our baristas in the history and origin of our coffee and its brewing methods, and partnered with Topeca, Oddly Correct, and Onyx Coffee Lab, who guarantee our beans are fresh.  Our goal also includes presenting coffee that has been properly extracted for full body and bright flavor. We care about the taste in the cup and how you respond to that taste. 

Our floor-to-ceiling, hand-made tea shelf holds a variety loose-leaf teas from Savoy Tea Co. We are always looking for the best brewing method to bring out the purest and most full flavors from these specialty teas, as well as presenting them in a variety of delicious ways.

We want people to come in expecting an experience! We want to get to know you, what you order, and help you in your quest for great specialty coffee. Tell us what you are used to and what you like, then let us do our thing. We will show you the wide, global, range of tastes and treats. You won't regret stepping into our shop.

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