(Ask for availability) We order our beans from award-winning, specialty roasters from the midwest. Not only do the roasters custom roast each batch of beans to extract their fullest flavor, but they also work directly with the farmers who grow the beans. 

We pull Vinyl espresso by Onyx Coffee Lab on a LaMarzocco Linea II named Roxy always taking care to dial it in just right to the roaster's specifications. Our pour over bar always features four different options, 2 by Onyx and 2 by Topeca.

Topeca, one of our roasters, owns a farm in El Salvador and works closely with the growers to ensure a sustainable economy for that community. Here at Pour Jons, we believe that specialty coffee not only tastes better, but by choosing to buy from companies that provide it, we are helping to secure a better future for those that grow and harvest the coffee.